May 3, 2012

Credit Card Come-On’s

What’s the Catch? “Earn 5% Cashback Bonus when you shop at Rainbow Foods with Discover.” –Credit card promotion Five percent back sounds awfully good, especially when most credit cards are only offering 1% or 2% these days. So, what’s the catch? How about four of them? Catch #1:  the purchases have to be at Rainbow...
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“Brand New Kitchen” — But Is It Paid For?

Multiple Choice Quiz The marketing verbiage on MLS touts the home’s “brand new, state-of-the-art Kitchen.”  Who’s going to take notice? A. Prospective Buyers. B. Prospective Buyers’ agents. C. The appraiser sent out by the lender. D. The title examiner. Answer:  all of the above. And why are title examiners scrutinizing MLS marketing verbiage? Because they’re looking...
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“Is That a Rorschach Ink Blot in My Starbucks Marble Cake?”**

No, the Starbucks “barista” (or whatever you’re supposed to call them) hadn’t heard that question before. And he didn’t know what a Rorschach ink blot was (it’s a random pattern that psychiatrists present to clients, and ask them what associations it conjures up). But look at the pictures (above right and below) and tell me you...
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