April 22, 2012

“Daddy, How Come Realtors Get So Many Awards?”

Shhh!  Don’t Tell Anyone! The downside of taking your nine year-old to the office? They say what others are probably just thinking. And yes, my office wall has as many framed plaques and awards as anyone else’s. Do clients care? I doubt it . . .
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House Fire Mystery Solved

Apparently, a middle-of the-night house fire last week near Lake Nokomis was traced to raccoons eating into electric wires. Which also explains the timing:  raccoons are nocturnal.
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Sunday Open House 12:30 p.m to 2 p.m

Fern Hill Value Where:  4812 W. 28th St. in the heart of St. Louis Park’s Fern Hill neighborhood.  Less than a mile to Cedar Lake and Lake Calhoun; minutes to downtown Minneapolis and Uptown. What:  Sprawling 3 BR/3 Bath walkout rambler with just under 3,000 finished square feet on a .3 acre lot. How much: ...
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Pointillist Art or . . . ??

Fuzzy Photography The image above is: A. An example of Pointillist art. B. How the world looks to someone with cataracts. C. An actual photo of a listed home on MLS. Answer:  C. Unfortunately for the owner (and would-be Seller), the home in question — near Minneapolis’ Lake Harriet —  isn’t cheap, either.
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Are There REALLY Multiple Showings?

Gauging Buyer Interest “Please leave lights on.  There are multiple showings today.” –Note to Buyers’ agents on Kitchen table at a newly listed home It’s certainly not as important as knowing whether a home is in multiple offers, but one of the things Twin Cities home Buyers are running into these days  — especially Buyers...
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“Hunger Games” After-Effects

Ruining a Perfectly Good Word (“District”) Stare at the sun for a few seconds, and you’ll see spots or stars when you look away. Immerse yourself in the “Hunger Games” trilogy, and afterwards . . . you can’t help seeing references in everyday life. In my case, like these excerpts from the community page of the current Southwest Journal:...
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