Ruining a Perfectly Good Word (“District”)

Stare at the sun for a few seconds, and you’ll see spots or stars when you look away.

Immerse yourself in the “Hunger Games” trilogy, and afterwards . . . you can’t help seeing references in everyday life.

In my case, like these excerpts from the community page of the current Southwest Journal:

–“District 6 Candidates Meet April 23.”

–“Washburn Coach in School Board Race”

Curtis Johnson, a coach for the Washburn High School track and cross-country teams, plans to seek the District 6 School Board seat . . .

So, what’s the big deal about “District 6?”

As Hunger Games fans know, the totalitarian state “Panem” consisted of the Capitol and 12 Districts — thirteen if you include the rogue district.

Katniss Everdeen, the heroine, hailed from Appalachia-like District 12.

Skimming The Southwest Journal headlines, my knee jerk reaction was, “which one was District 6 again??”

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