February 17, 2012

Coming: the Golden Age of Venture Capital?

Wall Street Allocating Capital  . . . to Itself Once upon a time, Wall Street’s reason for being (“raison d’etre,” if you want a fancy term) was to efficiently allocate capital from suppliers of capital (aka “savers”) to those who could most productively use it — typically young, promising companies. At least, that’s how I...
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Comp’s for Advanced Beginners

Weighing Comp’s and “Kind-of-Comp’s” The cornerstone of establishing market value for a given property is the CMA, or “Comparative Market Analysis.” As prepared by both Realtors and Appraisers, it consists of selecting a peer group of three homes (“Comparable Sold Properties”), then going through a compare-and-contrast process sizing up each of the Comp’s relative to the “subject”...
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More Phil Dunphy-ism’s

“Commission Impossible” From this week’s episode: “Commission impossible.” –What Realtors say about a particularly trying Buyer. “Commission accomplished.” –When such a Buyer actually buys. At least, that’s what Phil Dunphy, of TV’s “Modern Family” sitcom, claims Realtors say. Must be a Southern California — or Phil Dunphy — thing (personally, I’ve never heard either term). How Many Showings? Unlike...
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