January 11, 2012

The 2011 Edina Realty City Lakes (“ERCL”) Awards

No, there’s no category for “Best Actor” or “Best Actress” — though arguably, there should be. But the first-ever Edina Realty City Lakes Awards (“ERCL”) do recognize outstanding achievement in 17 (mostly serious) real estate categories. Without further adieu, here are the categories and winners — all painstakingly chosen by City Lakes Manager Matt Loskota:...
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What’s the Counterpart to a “FSBO?”

“UB?”  How About “UO” (“Uhh, Ohh!”) What’s the counterpart to a FSBO (Realtors’ term for a “For Sale By Owner”)? I suppose that would be an unrepresented Buyer. But interestingly, there’s no analogous, universally recognized term (“UB,” anyone??) One possible reason:  the way today’s housing market works, Sellers pay the Buyer’s agent. If the Buyer elects not to...
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Putting the Brakes on Property Taxes

The Microsoft Precedent What turned Microsoft from the preeminent company of the early Internet era (circa 1999) to a company that is now eclipsed by such juggernauts as Google, Apple, and even  One theory is that its focus on “legacy” products — operating systems and applications software — caused it to miss such innovations as Internet search, smart phones,...
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