November 18, 2011

Late November: Holiday — and Estate Sale — Season

Why do Realtors go to estate sales? To get deals, of course (a big “Thanks!” to the stranger who helped me pick two James Michener novels earlier this morning, for $2 apiece). But also to stay on top of the local real estate market. So, look for a new, $1 million-plus home at 3433 St. Paul...
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Does a Fatter (Commission) Carrot Work?

Test your knowledge of today’s real estate market, and answer the following question: Does dangling a fatter commission to the Buyer’s agent — what Realtors call the “listing payout” — result in a faster sale, for more money? A. No. B. Yes. C. Sometimes D. It depends on how much. Answer:  “D.” (credit also given for...
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“Maybe if we ignore it, it’ll just go away”

Customer Service Blunders:  Exhibit A Want to provoke a customer’s ire (and some negative exposure on a certain blog)? Ignore their email’s and phone calls in the aftermath of a glitch — in this case, painting my new shed the wrong color. Total ignored messages over a two week period now? Four (two voicemails and and two...
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