November 15, 2011

Looking for a Twin Cities Home? Beginning in December, You May Miss it on Trulia

Edina Realty Pulls the Plug on, Other “Third Party Aggregators” In a post earlier this Fall (“Selling Realtors’ Listings Back to Them“), I discussed the dubious practice of and other so-called “Third Party Aggregators” of vacuuming up all the listings in a market, then charging the listing agents (representing Sellers) a fee if...
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Inspection Timetable Confusion

One of the trickier — yet crucial — set of deadlines in a housing transaction involves the Buyer’s Inspection Contingency. At least in Minnesota, it consists of the following three intervals:  1) how long the Buyer has to perform the inspection; 2) how long thereafter they have to deliver — in writing — any issues...
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NBA Players Strike: Why So Long?

Richer Players = Longer Holdouts? Here’s my theory about the long-lived NBA players’ strike (now on the verge of cancelling the 2011-2012 season). It’s all about the money. Not what the players are asking for, mind you. Rather, what they currently make (or made). Average Salary:  $5 million Once upon a time, when pro athletes...
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