October 12, 2011

“The Helicopter Realtor”

When Hovering is a Good Thing 90% of life is just showing up. –Woody Allen “Helicopter parent?” Not so good. “Helicopter Realtor?” The best kind. So, what does a “helicopter Realtor” do? Umm, well, they . . . hover. Not just during the initial stage(s) of the listing, when the marketing is coming together, but at key,...
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“Going to Stanford?” Now, it Comes to You

Class Size: Millions Annual cost to go to Stanford (tuition, room & board, books): 1980: $15k 2011:  $60k 2020:  free?? Once upon a time (like when I was 18), a year at Stanford was expensive but still affordable. So, someone from a middle class, Minnesota family (mine) could swing it with a little financial aid and some...
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