July 27, 2011

Look-alike Car Logo’s

Acura vs. LEXUS vs. Hyundai Is it just me, or do the logo’s of Acura, LEXUS, and Hyundai all look vaguely interchangeable? They all start with a modernistic, boomerang-like shape, then rotate and tweak it until it resembles an “A” or “L” or “H.” I suppose one conclusion is that “great minds think alike,” and each company’s designers independently arrived...
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Real Estate “Guilt by Association”

Smoking Guns & Yellow Flags I think it’s fair to say that — as a rule — compared to “laymen,” Realtors put much less stock in things like Seller motivation; historical information like what the owner paid (unless it raises the prospect of a short sale); and even representations (or lack thereof) in the Seller’s Disclosure....
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