July 10, 2011

It’s Official! Northeast Mpls. has Good Karma

With its mix of art galleries, eclectic housing, and neighborhood bars and restaurants, Northeast Minneapolis (“Nordeast” to old-timers) is known for having good karma. It also has “Good Carma,” an auto repair shop on Lowry just east of University.
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“Undercover Lifeguard”

Nice Work Clothes! No, “Undercover Lifeguard” isn’t the name of a new TV pilot (hmm . . . not bad, though). It was the (professional) identity of the attractive young woman sitting next to me and my kids at the Edina public pool today. It turns out she works for a company that monitors lifeguards’ performance...
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Drive-Thru . . . Newspaper?

“I’ll Have a Star Tribune With That” Yes, I know most people get their news online these days (the remainder presumably still pick up newpapers on their front stoops). However, if you’re away from home and also in need of a caffeine “booster shot” — Starbucks (or I’m sure Caribou) will hand you one through...
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“3M Penguins”

Is That Like a “Target Penguin?” I’d heard of “Emperor” penguins and “King” penguins, but until recently, I’d never heard of “3M penguins.” Apparently, the Minnesota Zoo’s new exhibit is titled “3M Penguins of the African Coast.” Good timing for Morgan Spurlock’s new documentary, “Pom Wonderful: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,” a satire on corporate product placement (Spurlock’s last effort was...
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List Price Guessing Game

“Location, Location?” Test your knowledge of Twin Cities real estate, and guess how much the Minneapolis home pictured above is listed for. A. $75,000 B. $149,900 C. $500,000 D. $995,000 Need a hint? The home overlooks the Midtown Greenway, and is located between Lake of the Isles and Lake Calhoun. Give up? The correct answer would be...
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