November 21, 2010

"You Mean They Can STILL Screw Their Clients??"

“Cruel Kindness” — and Vice Versa Cruel to be kind in the right measureCruel to be kind it’s a very good signCruel to be kind means that I love youBaby, got to be cruel, you got to be cruel to be kind –Nick Lowe; lyrics, “Cruel to Be Kind” Which of the following professionals have...
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Weather and the Minnesota Housing Market

Of Skating Rinks & Steep Driveways There are brilliant, sunny days, when every listing shows great, and the home’s physical setting and views are shown off to their best effect. And then there are days like today. If you’re reading this blog outside Minnesota, the Twin Cities awoke to a freezing rain and roads that...
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When .3 Looms Large

1.5 Story vs. 1.2 StoryWhen is .30 huge? When it’s the difference between a home that is 1 1/2 stories and 1.2 stories (and no, it’s not kosher — or mathematically accurate — to round up to 1.5 from 1.2). A home that is a legitimate 1 1/2 story can have an upper level that...
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Qwest (Lack of) Technical Support

“24/7?” Try, “10/5” So, if you rely on a Qwest DSL line for your Internet access, and it goes down, guess where Qwest’s technical support line directs you. Yup . . . the Internet — specifically, Qwest’s Web site. The recording proceeded to inform me that technical support’s regular hours are Monday thru Friday, 8...
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