November 1, 2010

Home Buyers’ Mindset

Sales Catalyst: ‘Deals Too Good to Pass Up’ Americans are still unsure about the economy, and hesitant to make a large purchase unless they absolutely need to or the deal is too good to pass up. – analyst Today’s housing market? Try, the market for new cars (the giveaway is, a well-known auto web...
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"Hands Off My Content!"

Dear Visitor #65,431: What ‘Cha Up To?? It’s always nice to see healthy traffic on this blog; after two-plus years, “City Lakes Real Estate” now has a core group of regular readers, and gets several thousand page hits — from literally all the world — each month. In particular, it’s always nice to log on...
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"This ‘Bud’s’ For You?!?" You Bet It Is

California’s Second Green (er, Gold) Rush Dozing on the couch yesterday with football on, I was listening more than watching the game. But it was the commercials that caught my attention. “Grab some buds!,” the voice over beckoned. No, this wasn’t an ad for legal marijuana in California (yet); it was for Budweiser beer, Anheuser...
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