October 20, 2010

Hump Day? Not for Realtors

Think of a Realtor’s work week as the “opposite George” of careers: pretty much the antithesis of a typical, 9-5 desk job. So, Wednesday isn’t the peak of the work week — it’s the sag in between weekends (and when more than a few Realtors take their days off). Of course, the opposite of being...
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"MFOTH" – Defined

WTF?? If you’re slightly dyslexic like I am, you can be temporarily thrown by the MLS category “MFOTH.” No, it’s not what it sounds (a lot) like. It stands for “Multi-Family, Other.” (And no, “BMF,” “HMFIC,” “BAMF,” and “DTMF” have nothing to do with real estate.)
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A Tale of Two . . . Chairs

“Hedonics,” Defined After almost 13 years, I finally popped for a new (home) office chair yesterday. The chair I retired — actually, handed down to son #2 — was an ergonomically correct, (then) state-of-the-art job purchased from a Relax the Back store in Manhattan for almost $800 in early 1998. Truth be told, it was...
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