September 13, 2010

(The Problem with) Blind Solicitations

“Would You Consider Renting?” Through the years, I have in rare instances sent a blind mailing on behalf of a client who had seemed to exhaust all other possibilities. Typically, they were interested in either a very specific style of home, a very specific neigborhood — or both. And were under a time deadline. Junk...
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Broker Tour 11 a.m.. – 1 p.m. Tuesday (9/14)

Spacious Point of France Condo with 2 Owner’s Suites for < $400k Where: 6566 France Ave. South, one block south of 62 (Crosstown); just northwest of Southdale What: light and spacious condo (over 2,500 sq. ft.) with Contemporary flair in amenity-loaded Point of France (including 24 hour front desk). When: just listed Who: agent =...
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Grist for the Mill?

Something New Under the Sun (Son) So, Son #2, about to be 8 in December, “will only tell Mom” what’s bothering him, not me. Why? A. “I wouldn’t understand.”B. “It’s none of my business.”C. “I don’t really care.”D. “I’ll put it on my blog.” Answer: D Ouch! Dads didn’t hear that one until recently. (And...
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Realtors in Modern Culture

“Modern Family” Realtor Think of doctors in modern culture, and what comes to mind? Characters from sitcom’s and movies like “ER,” “House,” “Scrubs,” and, if you’re old enough, “Marcus Welby, M.D.” For lawyers, the list would include “Law & Order,” “Boston Legal,” “LA Law,” and “Allie McBeal.” (OK, I’m dating myself). Now, when you think...
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