July 19, 2010

"Cambria Style" Magazine

The (Pen)ultimate in Product Placement Let me be the first one to recognize — and applaud — innovative marketing (“The Brilliance of Redbox”). I’m just not sure that “Cambria Style” qualifies. In essence, the magazine, put out by the makers of the counter top material, flips the usual ratio of proprietary content to commercial advertising...
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Fewer Warm-Fuzzy Closings?

Uptick in Pre-Signings Historically, the closing was when Buyers and Sellers put aside any hard feelings from their long-concluded sales negotiation, and wished each other well (and the Seller explained to the Buyer how that tricky basement light switch worked, amongst other things). Is that tradition a casualty of today’s more contentious housing market? The...
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How Much is a Blue Sky Worth?

“One Blue Sky, Hold the Clouds” A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing. –Oscar Wilde How much is a beautiful sunset worth? “Priceless,” at least according to a certain, ubiquitous ad campaign. Not so a blue sky. My photographer will digitally create a blue sky —...
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