The (Pen)ultimate in Product Placement

Let me be the first one to recognize — and applaud — innovative marketing (“The Brilliance of Redbox”).

I’m just not sure that “Cambria Style” qualifies.
In essence, the magazine, put out by the makers of the counter top material, flips the usual ratio of proprietary content to commercial advertising — call it 80%/20% — to 20% proprietary content, and a very top-heavy 80% advertising/product placement.

And the 20% content ain’t so hot.
So, readers are treated to glimpses of Mariel Hemingway’s home and lifestyle — and how both are enriched by cambria.

“Pergo Panache”
Sorry, I just don’t buy it.
I found the article — or what little of it I read –boring.
Plus, I just don’t get the building material-as-magazine subject premise.
What’s next, “Pergo Panache?” “Formica Flair?” (er, laminate)
P.S.: On other hand, whoever thought that day-time TV would ever be sponsored by detergent makers? (hence the name “soap opera”)
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