May 4, 2010

S-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d Photos — Exhibit A

Swimming Pool-Sized Pool Table? Either the pool table pictured above is the size of a swimming pool — or the photo is distorted (intentionally or not). Given that the room’s dimensions are 24′ by 13′ . . . my money’s on the latter (don’t know about intention, but I’ve got a guess).
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Oil Company Chutzpah

Exxon Valdez South? “Chutzpah” – standard definition: killing your parents, then throwing yourself upon the mercy of the court because you’re an orphan. “Chutzpah” – oil company version: negligently spilling millions of barrels of crude into the Gulf of Mexico, then raising prices at the pump because of the resulting shortage. Other random thoughts about...
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The Fastest Way Into a Realtor’s . . . Speed Dial

Of Repo Men & Realtors [Editor’s Note: Thanks to City Lakes Realtor Christopher Wasilensky for the following anecdote — and no, it’s not about him!] Apparently, there’s an obscure cable show called “Repo Men” that focuses on — yup — the exploits of a couple repo men as they go around repossessing various deadbeats’ property....
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Real Estate Photography

“OK” . . . “Better” . . . “Best” Not all Realtors are created equal (or charge the same). To give just one example of the difference between a mediocre Realtor and a stellar one, consider the following approaches to photography (I’m leaving off the rung below “OK” — “Abysmal”): “OK”: takes their own shots...
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Fellow Realtors: (Usually) Friendly Rivals

Realtor Karma & Behind-the-Scenes Cooperation Even though there are a couple thousand attorneys in the Twin Cities, only a fraction of them are direct competitors. That’s because lawyers’ practice areas are increasingly specialized (corporate, personal injury, intellectual property, etc.). In fact, even those practice areas divide into multiple sub-specialities. The same specialization is generally not...
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