April 3, 2010

Is a Vacant Home "Too Available?"

Understanding Home Buyer Psychology It’s human nature to want what everyone else wants. Likewise, it’s also human nature to not want what everyone else is foresaking. So, if a happy, bustling household is the real estate equivalent of the popular girl — or guy — everyone wants to go out with in high school, what...
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Chinese Drywall in Minnesota — Update

City Lakes Posts by Popularity The most popular post (by far) on this blog the last few days?   “Realtor April Fool’s Jokes” (so much for my conceit that my Readers are all erudite, knowledge-seeking policy wonks). Runner-up? This post, which originally ran in late December:  ‘Chinese Drywall in Minnesota? New Bank Disclaimer.’ The impetus...
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The WSJ . . . Brought to You By Acura??

Ending the “Newspaper Blackout” (for a day) Noted a curious, full-page ad in the bowels of the first section of today’s (print) Wall Street Journal: the online edition of the paper is available, free, courtesy of Acura. Typically, non-subscribers can only see headlines followed by brief annotations. (Note: per my earlier post, “Are Newspapers Stealing...
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