March 20, 2010

Intel Science Winners & Real Estate

Good Schools = Buyer Demand (What’s New?) Local San Jose Realtors are running ads in newspapers in China and India telling potential immigrants to “buy a home” in [San Jose’s] Lynbrook school district because it produced “two Intel science winners.” –Thomas Friedman, “America’s Real Dream Team“; The New York Times (3/21/2010) Nice piece by Tom...
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Fixing Things on the Way Out (The Door)

“No Time Like the Present” for Home Repairs One of the things I’ve repeatedly seen over the years is Sellers, in preparation for going on the market, finally tackle all the projects they put off while they lived in the home. Like replacing an especially stained Living Room carpet; refinishing that horribly scratched hardwood floor...
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"Bob & Sue Seller??" Better Make That, "Tom & Barb"

Realtor Freudian Slip?One of the things I do in a Listing Presentation — basically, a job interview for Realtors — is give prospective clients a quick overview of the contracts that go into a deal (as a former corporate lawyer, I actually truly enjoy this part!). Typically, I’ll drop in “dummy” names for illustrative purposes,...
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Snowy Shots in March — What Gives?

Waiting on Leaves, Not Green Grass Snowy exterior shots in July are definitely a no-no. It either means the Realtor is out to lunch, the owner is — or often, both. However, snow shots in March –at least in Minnesota — are another matter. The holdup isn’t that the (now uncovered) grass is brown; that...
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