February 16, 2010

"5 o’clock . .. Somewhere"

Next Hot Spot? How About . . . Nicaragua Pour me somethin’ tall and strongMake it a hurricane before I go insaneIt’s only half past twelve but I don’t careIt’s 5 o’clock somewhere –Jimmy Buffett, “It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere” lyrics It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere — and somewhere, it’s a bull market for real estate...
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Edina Realty 2010 Ad Campaign

“Finding ‘the one'” Soon to debut on billboards all over town: Edina Realty’s 2010 ad campaign. This year’s mantra: ‘Find the one.’ As in: Buyer (if you’re a Seller). Home (if you’re a Buyer). Realtor and broker, if you’re either one. Not bad . . .P.S.: Might not have been a bad idea to pick...
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What Happens at 3:01 P.M.??

Define, “On Tour” Readers will recall my post last Tuesday lamenting (kind of) the dwindling number of free lunches at Broker open houses (“No More Free Lunch — Really“). As I noted then, Tuesday tour is when Realtors view, often by “caravan,” all the new listings on the market. By convention, the time window is...
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Financial "Miranda Warning" for Goldman Sachs Clients?

Oops, They Did it Again! If we’re not going to shut down rogue investment banks like Goldman Sachs, or break them up into smaller, less economy-threatening pieces, how about at least requiring that they give their clients (hard to believe they still have any) the equivalent of a financial “Miranda warning.” Something like this perhaps:...
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Parking Meters & President’s Day

Looking (in vain) for a Parking Spot In today’s post-crash, Alice-in-Wonderland financial world (zero percent interest rates, the biggest financial culprits commandeer the most government aid, etc.), it’s nice to see that not all economic laws have been repealed. Like supply and demand. Headed to a downtown appointment yesterday — President’s Day, a holiday for...
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