January 23, 2010

Edina Realty’s Crystal Ball

On Tap for 2010: Social Media, and (More) Foreclosures and Short SalesNo, I don’t predict the direction of home prices. But housing trends are another matter. Fortunately, if you’re an Edina Realty agent, corporate does that for you (or at least helps). Each year, senior management highlights at the annual meeting — and reinforces during...
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Tweaks to City Lakes Blog Roll

New Links: ‘Behind the Mortgage,’ ‘St. Paul Real Estate’ For the uninitiated, a “Blog Roll” is where each blogger can add links to other Blogs or Web sites that they’re fans of. In my own case, it’s: a) based purely on who I regularly read personally (vs. quid pro quo’s or commercial considerations); and b)...
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Did They Really "Give it Away?"

How to Tell if it’s a “Fire Sale” Realtors hear it all the time (often from neighbors or prospective Sellers protesting about the value of their home): “Oh, they gave it away.” “The Smith house? That was a fire sale.” “They sold for way too little.” How to Tell Whenever I hear the foregoing, I...
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