December 10, 2009

Real Estate "Insider Trading"**

Best Time to Sell? When No One Else is Where: 27xx Raleigh Ave. South, in Fern Hill’s St. Louis Park neighborhood What: Mint 1947 rambler with 3 BR/2BA and 1,800 square feet How (much): $445,500 list price When: on market Monday (12/7) Who: listing agent – Josh Kaplan; broker – Edina Realty If everyone’s taking...
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For-Profit Firemen, Police — & Doctors

How to Increase Fires, Crime — & Illness There’s a reason society doesn’t have “for-profit” firemen or police. Put it this way: imagine if we did. Purveyors of “fire extinguishing services” would have an incentive to do things that actually increased the number of fires. Like commit arson. Or object to things that lowered the...
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Advertising Rebound Riddle

The Wall Street Journal really got my attention this morning. No, not because of some riveting story. Rather, because when I picked up the blue bag it comes in — it’s my one remaining paper subscription, and only because I could use frequent flyer miles to pay for it — it was twice as thick...
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One-Two Market Punch

Deep Freeze — Weather & Housing, Both What happens when you combine a seasonally slow time of year with the season’s first major snowstorm and subsequent deep freeze? Not much real estate activity. Anecdotally, I’d estimate that new listings in the Twin Cities are down about 75% the last few days.
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"American Dream 2.0"

Not Exactly a Dream — But No More Nightmares Thanks to a rare confluence of factors — mortgages that far exceed home values and bargain-basement rents — a growing number of families are concluding that the new American dream home is a rental. Some are leaving behind their homes and mortgages right away, while others...
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