December 9, 2009

Holiday Gifts

Fruit Cake Rival? I think I can confidently identify the successor to the Christmas fruit cake — the talismanic gift that endlessly circulates, almost like a pseudo “gift currency.” That would be the Barnes & Noble (or gift card, pick your favorite denomination ($20, $50, or $100). Maybe they can even start to put...
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Wall Street Transaction Tax

Wall St Still Pushing Back on Reform Transactions costs have declined significantly over the past 10 years, thanks to the many structural changes in equity markets, including trading in decimals instead of eighths, the proliferation of scores of trading venues that function as exchanges, and an explosion of high-frequency trading. Vanguard has estimated that total...
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Exit Strategies

“Surge” or “Stay the Course?” Depleted and demoralized by the huge sums it has already spent (and arguably squandered) trying to stabilize a still-hostile environment, the U.S. must decide its next move. The three choices are to: 1) double down (“surge”); 2) “stay the course”; or 3) declare victory and get out. U.S. forces in...
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Busy Real Estate Photographers

Snow Shots The last day it was permissible to have exterior home shots showing brown — or green — grass was officially . . . . yesterday. The banks selling foreclosed homes aren’t going to bother to update their photos (assuming they have any). However, it’s a good idea for all other Twin Cities home...
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