October 13, 2009

"Economists in Glass Houses . . . "

SuperFreakonomics: due Oct. 20 “A Realtor and a pimp perform the same primary service.” —SuperFreakonomics (2009) Egged on by their success skewering Realtors in their best-selling 2005 book, “Freakonomics,” its authors have an encore due out next week. Judging by the above quote from the book, they plan to pick up where they left off....
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Showing Instructions

“Do’s” and “Don’ts” for Home Sellers Want your home to sell? Here’s a quick checklist of “do’s” and “don’ts”: –Hire a good Realtor, who knows how to price, market, pre-market, draft contracts, and negotiate (and can coach you through the rest of this list)–Make sure that everything in your home is in good working order....
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Eeek!!?? No, E.I.K.

“Do Not Adjust Your Set . . .” If you’re a prospective home buyer and are stumped by the acronym “EIK” — don’t worry, it’s not you (it’s them). While there are plenty of recognized acronyms and abbreviations in real estate . . . EIK isn’t one of them (at least not so far). For...
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