September 17, 2009

San Francisco Déjà Vu

Weather Déjà Vu Ever been curious about San Francisco’s weather? If you’ve been in the Twin Cities the last few months, you’ve been treated to a fair approximation: cool, wet summer, followed by warm, dry Sept. and (hopefully) October. Unfortunately, by Halloween, no one will be confusing our climate for the Bay Area’s.
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Deconstructing AIG: define, ‘Almost’

“It Depends on What the Definition of ‘Is,’ Is” Too much risk is just as bad [as too little]. Just ask the financial wizards at American International Group who ended up on the wrong side of tens of billions of dollars in financial contracts, almost bringing down the world’s biggest insurer. –Andrew Ross Sorkin, “Taking...
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Realtor-to-Realtor Letters

“X” Factor: Realtor’s Credibility First there was the “Dear Seller” letter, drafted by the Buyer (“We loved your home from the minute we walked in . . .”) Then came the “experienced short-sale agent” claims on MLS, dangled by listing agents trying to convince prospective Buyers that the odds of a deal will be better...
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