August 28, 2009

Upper Bracket Buying Strategies

Great Price + Seller-Paid Pts. = No Deal? We may be small, but we’re slow. –Cal Tech football team slogan If you’re a Buyer contemplating an offer on an upper bracket Twin Cities home, congratulations! You’ve never had more choices — or more eager Sellers. Just one word of caution, though: Decide whether you want...
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"Karlen’s Karma"

Sebastian Joe’s Menu I can’t say I discovered Neal Karlen, a Twin Cities writer well-known for his various books and pieces in The Rolling Stone, NY Times, etc. But I was one of the first to know about him. Specifically, way back in 1977, when I was a page editor for the St. Louis Park...
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Want Buyers? First, find their Realtors

Real Estate Brokers & Technology What’s the best way to find Buyers today? First, find their Realtors. To do that, it helps to have great technology and a strong market presence. With a market-leading 20% of the Twin Cities’ housing market, Edina Realty has lots of listings. Every time an agent shows one of those...
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