April 7, 2009

Mpls. Advantage Program

Home Buyer Incentives: Mpls. Click here for the latest eligibility information on Minneapolis’ Advantage program. Limitations are by property type (foreclosed or vacant); income; and neighborhood (mostly north and central). According to the Web site, the program “offers 200 loans at $10,000 each that can be used to pay for closing costs, down payment, or...
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Depending on the kindness of . . family

Recession Housing Trend: Doubling Up? Families around the country are weathering the recession by hunkering down with relatives and friends . . “I’d rather be home if I’m going to be broke,” said [one person who moved back home]. Kris Haher, “Homeward Rebound: Weathering the Storm With Kin”; The Wall Street Journal(4/7/09) If you don’t...
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Love the Home You’re In?

The Psychological Appeal of Remodeling And if you can’t be with the one you loveLove the one you’re withLove the one you’re with –lyric, Crosby Stills Nash & Young How is the recession affecting people’s spending? For one thing, they’re doing a lot less of it (logical, if you’re making less, have less, etc.). For...
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