March 19, 2009

Blog Housekeeping Notes

Discount Realtors and Mushroom CloudsUnder the category of, “everything you (maybe) wanted to know about blog ‘plumbing,’ but were afraid to ask,” two quick items: 1. All the ads around the periphery of this blog are “served” by Google’s search engine, based on key words. So, the reason this blog has links to so many...
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$8,000 and 4%

Housing’s “Big Two” Numbers Two numbers loom especially large in the national housing market right now: $8,000, and 4%. The first number is the tax credit available to eligible home buyers. Coincidentally or not, that’s approximately what annual payments come to on an average-priced U.S. home (now about $175,00). To balky Buyers who’ve been waiting...
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Appraisal Issues Return

More Locked Barn Doors . . . Yet another example of “locking the barn door after the horse has escaped” is newly vigilant appraisers. Anecdotally, I’m hearing of more sales, especially in the upper brackets, that are derailing because of appraisal issues. In a typical deal, the appraisal occurs several steps along. Before you even...
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