Unsung Tuesday — the Rodney Dangerfield of the Weekdays

“Thank God It’s Not Monday!” (“TGIMN”) You’ve got to feel a little sorry for Tuesday. It tends to get overlooked. Consider: People like Friday so much it has its own acronym: “Thank God It’s Friday!” (“TGIF”). Wednesday isn’t nearly as popular, but at least it has a positive vibe: “Hump Day.” Meanwhile, at the other...
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Slackers vs. Workaholics

T.G.I.M. Thank God it’s Monday. –What workaholics say In the same vein, I’ve got another one: Slackers say they’re going to the office — and sneak away to a bar. Workaholics say they’re going to the bar — and sneak away to the office. Guess which one applies to me . . . .
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"Thank God it’s . . . the End of Spring Break??"

T.G.I.M. (“Thank God it’s Monday”) Q: What do workaholics say?A: “Thank God it’s Monday” No, that’s not the scene at my house right now (or at least I don’t think so — I left a couple hours ago). Other reasons that can’t be my household: there are too many kids in the photo (I only...
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