April 21, 2011

A Quick Guide to Twin Cities Neighborhoods

No Offense to Coon Rapids OK, so this isn’t very scientific, but if you don’t know the Twin Cities, and want some insight into its various neighborhoods, herewith is a quick guide: What does the Starbucks clerk (sorry, “barista”) say when you order a 16 oz. skim latte? Richfield:  ‘You betcha.’ Linden Hills:  ‘You got it!’...
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Slackers vs. Workaholics

T.G.I.M. Thank God it’s Monday. –What workaholics say In the same vein, I’ve got another one: Slackers say they’re going to the office — and sneak away to a bar. Workaholics say they’re going to the bar — and sneak away to the office. Guess which one applies to me . . . .
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Real Estate (Too) Shorthand What is “4+/3+/2+?” A. NASA’s new, enhanced launch countdown B. A football snap count C.  Something you forgot in 8th grade chemistry D. Realtor lingo for “at least 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and a two car garage.” Answer:  D.
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