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2018 Housing Market Predictions: Key Qualifier = “Could”

“Hot Housing Market Could Cool Off in 2018” –USA Today headline (12/28/17). Long-time readers of this blog know that I put very little credence in supposed experts’ predictions (or anyone else’s, for that matter 🙂 ).** Whenever I see a headline like the one in USA Today this morning, I’m reminded of a colleague’s long-ago...
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USA Today: ‘Brady Bunch’ Star Sells Malibu Home for $3.9 Million

Value is in the Land (Duh!) As both a Realtor and a self-confessed number cruncher, I couldn’t resist asking two questions after seeing the headline (above) in USA Today: One. What kind of annual return does that represent? To answer that, you (also) need to know that the actress Eve Plumb bought the 850 square...
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Housing Headline du jour

“Home Prices May Fall Further”–generic headline discussing the housing market Whenever I see a “non-headline” headline like this, it reminds me of a colleague’s comment about an ad for income property a few years ago. Along with the property’s asking price, key stat’s, etc. was this language: ‘rents could be higher.’ To which my colleague...
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