unrealistic expectations

Why Smart Listing Agents Defer Discussing Multiple Offers with Home Sellers

Setting Reasonable (vs. Inflated) Expectations Conducting multiple offers, well, is one of the biggest challenges facing a listing agent. In turn, that requires properly educating and coaching home sellers about the appropriate response timetable; possible negotiating strategies; offer nuances (“asterisk clause,” anyone?); disclosure choices and obligations; and use of MLS showing instructions. To name just...
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Guarding Against Unrealistic Seller Expectations

(Too) Great Expectations After the longest — and most severe — housing downturn in most people’s lives (those under 80, anyways), real estate is finally on the mend. In most markets nationally, prices are rising, short sales and foreclosures are down, and interest rates are still in the cellar. What’s not to like? For Realtors,...
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Why Difficult Buyers Are Harder to Spot Than Difficult Sellers

The Housing Market’s “One-Percenters” In my experience, the vast majority of people who want to buy or sell a home (at least in Minnesota) are a delight to get to know and work with. And the fact that so much of my business is from referrals says that my clients feel the same way about...
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