Twin Cities winter

Twin Cities, Late(?) Winter 2019: Epic Icicles

Just to be clear: if you’re directly underneath icicles like the ones pictured above, they’re potentially lethal daggers: at least one Minneapolis pedestrian was injured recently by falling icicles while walking below a downtown skyway. But, assuming you’re a safe distance away — and the icicles don’t signal ruinous ice dams — they’re actually quite...
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Twin Cities Winter, One Year Ago

2011 Flashback Hard to believe, after a Twin Cities Winter with practically no snow and temp’s consistently above freezing, that Winter last year was the real thing (the photos of this St. Louis Park home would be Exhibit A). Hardcore skiers and skaters are bummed, but most Minnesotans I know (myself included) feel like we’ve...
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Back to . . . Brown

Return of “Schmutz Dog” In general, I’m a fan of rising — not falling — temp’s. However, there are some advantages associated with the thermometer falling below freezing — and staying there (as is typical in the Twin Cities for a good chunk of the year). (If you’re reading this outside the Twin Cities, rain...
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