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Doing Due Dilgence on Small Home Builders

Back to the Future You’d think, in an age of online everything, that it would be easier, not harder, to do due diligence on new home builders. Especially small home builders, who may only build a handful of homes a year (vs. national giants like D.R. Horton and Pulte). Unh-unh. As recently as five years...
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“Spec House,” Defined

“Build It and They Will Come” Real Estate Development “Silicon Valley Spec House Seeks $42.8 Million.” —Headline, The Wall Street Journal. For the uninitiated, a “spec” or “speculative” house is a home that a developer first builds, then tries to sell. That’s opposed to a home that’s commissioned by/for an existing client, and built according...
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Can That 80′ Wide Lot Be Split? Short Answer: “It Depends” (on the City)

Adding Value by (Sub)Dividing Given the combination of an (over)heated Twin Cities housing market; high demand for new construction; and housing stock which can be functionally obsolete if not in disrepair, it should be no surprise that there are plenty of local homes that are worth less than the land underneath them. That’s especially so...
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New Home Construction Styles, Circa 2017: What’s In, What’s Out — & What Ain’t Coming Back

The Late, (Un)Lamented Split-Level & Rambler Want to know the latest trends in Twin Cities new construction? Check out upper bracket Edina. That’s where the folks who can afford the latest bells & whistles — inside and out — are building the most new construction. Ergo, that’s where to look to see the most —...
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Home Owner/Seller: “That Crack in the Foundation Floor is On Purpose” (Yeah, Right!)

Gullible Homeowner?  Not So Fast . . . It sure sounds like a line:  a builder who tells their client that they intentionally put a crack in the foundation floor to alleviate settling-related stress. But, it happens to be true. The two caveats:  1) it should be a small crack, barely more than a hairline; and...
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Are First-Time Buyers Diving Into the Deep(er) End of the Housing Pool?

Skipping the Starter Home There’s some anecdotal evidence that first-time Buyers in the Twin Cities are making their mark a rung (or three) higher than you’d normally expect to find them. Namely, they’re disproportionately active in transactions around $500k — especially new construction in some of the more affordable ‘burbs — rather than in the...
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