Twin Cities gas prices

Christmas Present

Gas < $2 Gallon “The U.S. Energy Information Administration said this week that the country’s proved reserves of natural gas rose 10% in 2014 to a record of 388.8 trillion cubic feet.” –“Gas Driller Hits a Gusher — and Sinks Its Own Stock“; The Wall Street Journal (11/26/2015) If gas at discounters like Sam’s Club...
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$2.49 Gas? Yikes! (The Good Kind)

Gas for $2.49/gallon* in St. Louis Park (12/4/2014) Just in case the numbers in the photo (above) are too small to read:  the price of regular unleaded gas at Costco yesterday am was $2.49/gallon(!). In fact, if you paid with a Costco credit card as I did, after the 3% rebate on gas, that comes...
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“Not One Person Saw This Coming”

2014 Predictions vs. 2012 What was the person who said, “not one person saw this coming,” referring to? A. The Dow Jones Average would pass 16,000 in 2013. B.  Gas prices at the pump would plummet below $3/gallon due to a glut of domestically produced crude oil. C. “Argo” would win the 2013 Academy award for best...
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Early Christmas Present @ the Pump

$2.88 Per Gallon — Or Less That $70 or so to fill my family’s minivan as recently as last Spring is suddenly  . . . a lot less — yesterday’s fill came to a modest $44 (I needed a little less than a full tank). In fact, if you buy your gas at Costco and...
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Gas Price Wars Make a Comeback (Sort of)

Blast From the Past I’m old enough to remember not just when gas stations had actual, live attendants — but when gas was truly cheap, and competition for customers was such that gas stations on opposite corners would engage in price wars. Yes, price wars. At the extreme, you’d even see the stations’ signs attempt to lure...
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Et Tu, Costco?

Gas Price Sticker Stock in the Twin Cities Once upon a time — like, until yesterday — savvy motorists (and Costco members) knew to head to Costco’s gas pumps whenever prices jumped. Like they did Wednesday. A LOT. That’s because Costco’s gas prices notoriously lagged other stations’ price changes by a full day. Not anymore....
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