“The See Food Diet”: Modern Home Design & America’s Obesity Problem

Severing the TV Watching – Eating Connection Would Americans be thinner if we all moved our fridges to the attic? Instead, over the course of half a century, we’ve collectively progressed from sneaking food into the den, to enjoying the occasional meal there (TV trays), to essentially combining the Kitchen and Family/TV Room into one, great big, opened-up area....
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“Synchronate,” Take 2

How to Time-Shift (Just a Little) “Synch-ron-ate” (verb):  taping a TV or cable show, then watching it ” without commercials ” so as to finish at the same time as the live telecast. — Proposed addition to English language; Ross Kaplan. Almost four years ago, I proposed a new word, “synchronate,” to describe the practice of...
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Gopher Football Makes the Big Time (Literally)

Minnesota vs. Wisconsin This Saturday How do you know that the Minnesota Gopher football team is having a banner year? It’s not their 8-2 record, wins over powerhouses Nebraska and Penn State, or even their (brief) appearance in “Top 25” polls. Give up? It’s their (prime time) game time:  specifically, 2:30 p.m this Saturday vs....
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Science Fiction (Fantasy?) for Realtors

Cherry Pies* — & Lots of ‘Em — for the New Neighbor Prospective Buyer:  we’ve come to a decision . . . . we’re going to buy it! Realtor (showing model homes):  which one? Prospective Buyer: all of them. –Pilot episode, “The Neighbors” So goes one of the opening scenes in new sitcom “The Neighbors,”...
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