Identifying Mediocre Electricians — & Realtors

Winnowing Out Underperformers “The reason dolphins have a reputation for saving drowning swimmers is you never hear from all the ones they push out to sea.” I remember asking an electrician — years ago — how a layman like me could tell a good electrician from a bad one. “The really bad ones are dead,”...
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14-Year(!) Edina Realty Anniversary

Hey!  Who Are All Those Strange People in My Office??** While I’ve been an entrepreneur (arguably, I still am), CPA, corporate attorney, investor relations consultant, furniture mover, cab driver, and kibbutz volunteer, I’ve never done any of those things for 14(!) years. And 14 years in real estate really isn’t like 14 years in most other fields: ...
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Turnover & Older Neighborhoods

Renewal vs. Decline It happens to every neighborhood fortunate to get old enough (at least in the family-friendly Midwest): the original owners raise their kids, become empty-nesters, and downsize. All at once — or at least it can seem that way — the block is for sale. Is that an opportunity for Buyers? Like so...
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