Wouldn’t That Make it “Triple-I??”

Not as Bad as Ak-Sar-Ben Stadium (“Nebraska” Spelled Backwards) [Dear Readers:  Sorry, my body may be back in MN, but my head is still in Indiana.  So, bear with me on one more Indy-related post.] If you needed to come up with a mascot for a baseball team in Indianapolis, Indiana, you might think you’d...
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How To Make an Asset Class Appreciate

First Houses, Now Gold? What’s the best way to make an asset class appreciate? A. Increase its intrinsic value B. Limit supply C. Increase its liquidity D. Stimulate demand Answer:  C. (credit also given for “D.”). Buried in a Wall Street Journal article last week (the good stuff always is) was this nugget: Whenever an asset gets...
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