Time of Sale Inspection

Navigating Municipal Point-of-Sale Inspections

Realtor “Lifelines” and Shortcuts When most people think of home inspections, they think of the Buyer’s home inspection. But at least in the Twin Cities, 14 municipalities have their own, Seller-required inspection. Navigating that labyrinth — at least for Edina Realty agents — is ordinarily a two-step process:  1) log on to Edina Realty’s “ProKit” software,...
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Are Municipal Inspections a Waste of Time?

Inconsistent Provisions, Fees, Enforcement: A-Not-So Necessary EvilUntil recently, I’ve always defended municipal point-of-sale inspections — required by 14 municipalities locally, including Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington, and St. Louis Park — as a well-intentioned (if annoying and occasionally, expensive) hurdle for home Sellers. Typically, so-called Time of Sale Inspections focus on safety-related concerns such as the...
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