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Will Urban Refugees Turn Montana, Elsewhere Purple (or even Blue)??

Other Candidates: Nevada, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Maine, Alaska, South Dakota Reader #1: “Montana is beautiful. But it’s too red-state for me.” Reader #2: “Travel out to Missoula and other populated parts of Montana and you’ll see they are generally educated and liberal leaning like anywhere else in the country.” Reader #3: “Missoula is a blue...
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Pearlstein: ‘Profitable Goldman Better for Taxpayers’

Post’s Pearlstein Gets It Very Wrong Much of [yesterday’s Senate] hearing focused on how Goldman went from having billions of dollars of exposure to the subprime mortgage market in the first half of 2006 to posting big profits from the implosion in that same market by the second half of 2007. The more benign way...
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Withdrawal Pangs

Today’s “Socialist” Housing Market Nice summary (below) of the challenges facing the housing market in the years — and decades — ahead. After the last 18 months, arguably the same issue is confronting the banking system, the auto industry, the installment credit (credit card) market, the commercial paper market, etc. Government officials generally agree that...
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High-end Double Whammy

Jumbo Loan Premium to Shrink With the collapse last year of the private mortgage bond market on Wall Street, home buyers, builders and refinancers who relied on jumbo financing were left with few sources except at punitively high interest rates and huge down payments. –Kenneth Harney, “A Big Boost for Buyers Seeking Jumbo Loans” (The...
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