The Circle

Smudge on (Smart Phone) Screen? No, Eye in Sky

“Are They Spying on Us?!?” As far as I know, the 85 year-old woman sitting on my right at the Gopher game today had not — unlike me — just finished reading what feels like the sequel to “1984,” a new novel called “The Circle.” Rather, what caught both our attention was the overhead camera...
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“There’s No Free Lunch (or Company Cafeteria, or Medical Care, or Health Club, or Child Care or . . . . . )”

Google + Facebook + Twitter = “The Circle”: The Life of a Corporate “Thought Guinea Pig” (“Mind Slave?”) “What matters, counts, and what is counted, matters.” –old saying “Whatever is counted  . . . can be bought and sold.” –21st century update Las Vegas just has designs on its customers’ wallets. Google wants people’s souls,...
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