New Lists, Pre-Lists, and Post-Lists (Huh?!?)

  “Ghost” For Sale Signs A “new listing” is self-explanatory. A “pre-list” is a Realtor drumming up interest in a soon-to-debut home (unfortunately, some Twin Cities agents now define “soon” as, “in the next six months”). So, what’s a “post-listing?” Answer (at least, mine): a “For Sale” sign post left in the front yard, after the house sale has closed. The depressing-but-true explanation: ...
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Twin Cities Staycation: Streak of 60’s in February!

Enjoying a Kansas City Winter . . . in Minneapolis What does it feel like when normally frigid February temps are instead in the 60’s? Not just once, but a couple days in a row!?! It’s like a collective mid-winter “staycation” for the metro area’s 3 million inhabitants. New Normal? Growing up, whenever my Kansas...
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Back to . . . Brown

Return of “Schmutz Dog” In general, I’m a fan of rising — not falling — temp’s. However, there are some advantages associated with the thermometer falling below freezing — and staying there (as is typical in the Twin Cities for a good chunk of the year). (If you’re reading this outside the Twin Cities, rain...
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Global Warming & the (MN) Housing Market

Minnesota: Global Warming Winner As Minnesotans enjoy a record-warm early November, one can at least daydream about what shorter, milder winters might mean for the local housing market (local farmers can already attest to the delayed frosts and earlier thaws — this year’s first hard freeze in the Twin Cities was late October!). Here are...
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