term limits

The OTHER Way to Oust Incumbent Politicians: Reviving the “Term Limits” Movement, 20 Years Later

Fundamental Cure for a Fundamentally Broken Political System “Congress has a 14% approval rating, but a 96% incumbent reelection rate.” —Tampa Bay Times (11/11/2014) With public dissatisfaction with Congress never higher — yet incumbents’ jobs never safer — it would be easy to despair of ever unseating today’s entrenched political power. And I believe that...
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Term Limits Redux?

“Throw the Bums Out!” “If banks are too big to fail . . . make ’em smaller.” –former Reagan Cabinet member George Schultz “If the government is too complicated to be run by anyone but career politicians . . . make it simpler.” –Ross Kaplan The last time the public was this fed up with...
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Who Says the Capitol Has to Be in Washington??

Removing the “Capitol” from “Capitol Gridlock” “A rolling stone gathers no moss.” –Proverb “Seven of the richest American counties in 2011 were in the Washington, D.C. region.  Fairfax, Loudoun and Arlington counties, all in Northern Virginia, have higher median incomes than every other county in the United States.  Whence comes this wealth?  Mostly from Washington’s...
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Term Limits, Redux

Second Time the Charm? The last time the public was this disgusted with Congress, term limits got a serious hearing. Then — as best I can recall — Bill Clinton got elected President, the economy picked up . . . and the issue just sort of faded away. Fast forward 20 years or so. Reading...
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