Why FSBO’s — Not Realtors — Are an Endangered Species

Technology Roadkill: Stock Brokers, Travel Agents, & Realtors FSBO’s “God is dead.” –Nietzsche. “Nietzsche is dead.” –God. Experts have been predicting the demise of Realtors longer than I can remember. Like stock brokers and travel agents a generation ago, advancing technology — and the democratization of information — were supposed to render Realtors obsolete. Instead,...
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Revisiting The 2008 Crash a Decade Later: “The Neon Line” Connecting Barack Obama to Donald Trump

Saving Banks, Punishing Rewarding Bankers “In Sweden, if you ask a union leader, “Are you afraid of new technology?’ they will answer, “No, I’m afraid of old technology.” The jobs disappear, and then we train people for new jobs. We won’t protect jobs. But we will protect workers.” –Swedish minister for employment and integration, Ylva...
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Missed Comma = Miscommunication

“No Painter Lined Up” vs. “No, Painter Lined Up” If you’re sensitive to how easy it is to miscommunicate, you’ll take steps to minimize it happening. Exhibit A:  the text (above) between my stager and I about an upcoming listing, and whether or not my client needed a painter (they didn’t). The biggest takeaway for...
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Both Causing & Preventing Heart Attacks: Is Modern Technology a Zero Sum Game?

Call it a “High Tech Wash” (At Least at the Societal Level) “Racing the Clock, Saving the Heart:  Faster Care Helps Death Rate Plunge 38% in Decade.”  –Headline; NYT (June 21, 2015) “A study published in 2012 that tracked women for 10 years concluded that stressful jobs increased the risk of a cardiovascular event by 38%.”...
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“Agent a Capella”

Musical (and Realtor) Virtuosos Excepting some agents who are especially fond of tooting their own horns (sorry), Realtors don’t play musical instruments in the course of selling real estate. So, what do I mean by “Realtor a capella?” At least in the context of a listing presentation (a job interview for agents), I’m referring to the temptation...
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Do the Walls Have Ears? Maybe, If They’re in a “For Sale” Home

Not Just Superstition Any More I’ve long suspected that at least a few home sellers were eavesdropping on prospective Buyers with listening devices. But I just, umm . . . heard (through the grapevine, as they say) of a substantiated case in Minnesota. Apparently, the Seller overheard the Buyer say how much they would pay for...
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