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“Speed Dating America”: Travel Writer Checks Out 229(!) U.S. Cities to Pick New Hometown

Best Places to Live: Minneapolis Beats Out Austin, Portland, Nashville and Other Hot Spots “Slow and steady wins the race.” –Proverb, Aesop’s Fables; “The Tortoise and the Hare.” I’d rather be picked by Ashlea Halpern than by Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos, of course, is the gazillionaire founder and CEO of Amazon, which received proposals from 238...
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“Highest & Best” Redux for Amazon HQ2 Contestants?

Gargantuan State + Local Tax Incentives = Pyrrhic Victory for “Winning” Bidder “Amazon Narrows Down List for HQ2 to 20 Cities” —Headline, Bloomberg.com (1/18/2018). Anyone hearing the news that Amazon had “narrowed” the list of contenders down to 20 cities might properly comment, “Good Lord! How many cities were on the original list??” (answer: 238). While...
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