Sun Country

No Free Lunch — But Free Drinks!

Passengers:  “What’s the Catch?” What do you do with free drink coupons that are about to expire that you can’t use? (they were for Southwest, but I was flying Sun Country earlier this month). Give ’em to somebody else. Drink Coupons and Gift Horses, or, “Take My Wife Free Drinks, Please”* I walked over a...
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“Not Funny, Whole Foods!”

Poor — and Well-Timed — Sales Either someone at the local Whole Foods has a sick sense of humor (it’s in the 30’s and snowing — again — in the Twin Cities at the moment). Or more likely, someone in corporate — literally 1,000 miles away in Austin, Texas — decided to put suntan lotion...
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Turning Back Into a Pumpkin at 11:45 p.m.

First, let me stipulate that I love my wife and three kids. However . . . . if you’re going to be miserable — as I’ve been — with a bad cold for the last several days, there’s something to be said for having a quiet house to yourself to recuperate in. So, what happens...
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Calling Sun Country’s Bluff

“What Makes You Think We Want to Sit Next to Our Kids??” So, I just logged off Sun Country’s Web site, having booked tickets to AZ this winter to visit my parents (and get some relief from MN winter weather). The fare was $75 per seat less than Delta — a no brainer for a...
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