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“Virtual Front Porches”: Running for President, William McKinley-Style

Partying Campaigning Like It’s 1999 1899* Maybe 25th U.S. President William McKinley had it right:  forget the ennui and tedium of modern political campaigns — the years-long scrounging for campaign cash; repetitive debates; blathery “Town Halls”; etc. Instead, candidates should steal a page from McKinley’s playbook:  campaign from their front porch. A virtual, 21st-century porch. 19th...
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YouTube & Real Estate Sales

Star Trib: ‘YouTube is Coming Trend’ The most interesting thing to me about the lead story in today’s Star Tribune business section, “Increasing Numbers of Metro Realtors Turn to YouTube,” wasn’t the content, but the byline: the reporter is identified as “a University of Minnesota student reporter on assignment for the Star Tribune.” Hmm ....
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