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What Do You Call People Who Work for Slack?

Ill-Advised(?) Corporate Names — Exhibit A “Slack files to go public, revealing $400 million in revenue and $139 million in losses.” –Headline, CNBC.com (4/26/19). It’s hardly hurt workplace messaging company Slack, on track to go public later this year at a valuation that could approach $20 billion(!). But, you’d think the name “Slack” would invite...
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Real Estate “Upticks” & “Down Ticks”

Divining the Direction of Housing Prices, One Deal (and Tick) at a Time Both the stock and housing markets have “upticks” and “down ticks.” The difference is that, in the stock market, ticks are measured in pennies, whereas in residential real estate, they’re measured in thousands — or even tens of thousands — of dollars....
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