Minnesota’s Unsung, Unbilled Supporting Role in Pixar’s “Inside Out”

Keep Minnesota Entrepreneurs in Minnesota! Except for the fact that 11 year-old Riley and her family leave, Minnesota comes off looking pretty good in Pixar’s new blockbuster, “Inside Out.” Minnesota is where Riley learned to play hockey, enjoyed going to the lakes with her family in the Summer, and loves her teammates, friends, and school...
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What Comes After Record Airline Profits?

Sell High, Buy Low — & Look Out For Competitors Being an ardent free marketer at heart, I don’t think government should do anything — at least directly — about airfares that remain at nosebleed levels even as airlines’ fuel costs collapse and their profits soar. Instead, I think government should focus on steps to increase competition....
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“Why Not Cleveland?”, Indeed (Or Des Moines, or Memphis, or ???)

New High Tech Headquarters: ‘the Cloud’ “Eventually, the founders of TOA Technologies headquartered in Cleveland. Why not? As they say: “On the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog” ” or in Cleveland or Mosul.” –Thomas Friedman, “Makers and Breakers“; The NYT (11/9/2014) I don’t know how much homes in Cleveland cost, but I’ve got...
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Betting on the Incumbents

Goliath vs. David No, I don’t know how the elections next month are going to turn out. But when it comes to the stock market, here’s a tip: bet on the incumbents. That’s because today’s economic environment is particularly hospitable to “incumbents” — established, large companies — and hostile to upstarts. At least, that’s what...
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