standup comedy

My Favorite Night at the Stanford Coffee House (“CoHo”)

While I’m certainly a fan of stand-up comedy (Friday night) and live music (Thursday night), as the parent of a Stanford freshman, I have to say my favorite night at the Stanford Coffee House is Sunday night (see above). 🙂 P.S.: Everything at Stanford seems to be turned into an acronym or a truncated word....
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Steep Learning Curve for Standup Comedy (& Real Estate Sales)

Steven Martin’s “Overnight” Success “I did standup comedy for 18 years.  Ten years learning, four years refining, and then four years of success.” –Steve Martin; People Magazine (June 22, 2015). For an industry with practically non-existent entry barriers — a high school degree, a few weeks of coursework, then an exam does the trick — real...
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